1. Bookings – All bookings must be confirmed by signing the booking form and sending it back to our office by Fax, email or text. This confirms all the details outlined in the booking form are correct.

1 (a) No booking exits until we receive back a signed booking form


2. If there are any changes to the itinerary, please contact the office as they may be a change to the price quoted.
All changed to the the booking form must be received in writing by post, email, or text.
3. Payment for all services is due a minimum of 2 working days in advance of travel.

3. (a) Please enclose our invoice number if you are making payment by post or online into our bank account.

3. (b) Marathon Coach Hire reserves the right to cancel any booking if the terms of payment are not adhered to.


4. Charges – There are no charges for Debit  / laser card payments 3% surcharge applies on all credit cards transactions.
5. Cancellations for 1 bus – 50% cancellation fee applies if cancelled on the day of travel up to 5 hours before travel and 100% charge after this time.   For 2 or more coaches, 50% cancellation fee if cancelled 1 day before travel, 100% cancellation on day of travel.


6. Drivers – Please do not disturb the driver when they are driving as they need to give their full attention to the road.   Also do not submit payment to the driver and they are not insured to carry cash / cheques.